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About Us

Ames-Grenz Insurance Services was established in December 1968 with an emphasis in the life and disability insurance market. In 1971 we expanded our portfolio of products to include a wide range of health benefits to better serve the needs of our clients. By 1980 Ames-Grenz had made a significant expansion in the employee benefits arena. 

Market trends and increasing health care costs demanded that our agency aggressively assist the efforts of small and large employers in obtaining appropriately priced and well designed health benefits for their employees. Our agency has been recognized as one of the largest employee benefits agencies in Northern California. 

Our continued success in helping employers provide medical benefits for their employees has been both challenging and rewarding. We attribute our continued growth to our philosophy of always "making our customer come first". This philosophy has allowed us to continue to grow even during this critical and tumultuous period in the health care industry. 

This year we anticipate our agency will continue to see significant growth as we continue assisting employers in meeting the growing demands they face in providing employees with comprehensive and cost effective health benefits. With our continued emphasis on service, we will strive to enhance the level of service between the buyer and the health care provider.